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We strive to help private landowners develop a sustainable land management strategy for a variety of reasons. From improving wildlife habitat to maximize timber production and revenue, our team is ready to make your dream a reality.

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Managing your land to maximize results is not easy. With Frazier Forestry LLC, you will learn solutions to common forest management challenges

About Frazier Forestry LLC

Frazier Forestry LLC was established in 1975 by Robert E. Frazier. Currently Frazier Forestry LLC manages over 40,000 acres within the Florida Parishes and Southern Mississippi. We have solid relationships with local timber buyer, NRCS representitives, State and local government officials, Lumber mills, and logging contractors. With access to over 70 years of working forestry knowledge, there is nothing Frazier Forestry LLC can't handle.

Our Staff

Keith M. Frazier


Bachelor of Science in Forestry- LSU


John L. Ponder

Vice President

Bachelor of Science in Forestry- LSU


Hunter Hutchinson

Consulting Forester

Bachelor of Science in Forestry- LSU