Our Services

Forest Managment

  • General Consultations
  • Timber Inventory and Appraisals
  • Timber Sale Management
  • Forest Product Marketing
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Reforestation Services
  • Mechanical and Chemical Site Preparations
  • Timber Stand Improvement 
  • Prescribed Burning

Wildlife Managment

  • Habitat Improvements
  • Tailored Harvesting
  • Prescribed Burning

Environmental Services

  • Wetland Mitigation Bank Management
  • Invasive Species Surveying and Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a forestry consultant?

A professional forester will help you achieve your ownership goal and will make sure that the forestry practices used enhance the future condition and value of your woodland. You will get the job done right.

Does a forestry consultant buy your timber?

No, a forestry consultant markets and sells your timber for you. A timber sale almost always generates more income when a local forester assists in the sale. Forestry consultants have an in tune knowledge of short term and long term timber markets, extremely valuable relationships with local mills, loggers, and timber buyers.

What else does a forester do?

Besides setting up timber sales, consulting foresters handle mostly all things dealing with land managment. Some of these things include, but are not limited to, tree planting, site preparations for tree planting, prescribed burning, herbicide applications, boundary marking, timber cruising, and timber valuations.

How much do you charge for your services?

Pricing vary dependant on the type of work and/or scale of work we do for our clients. Most timber sales are commission based while other services are generally priced by the acre. Contact us for specifics.

Do I have enough timber on my 5 acres to make a Timber Sale?

Generally speaking, a logging contractor needs to produce at least 40, 18 wheeler truck loads of timber on a single job to make it worth the price of moving their equipment. Although we have worked on smaller jobs, in our experience 20 acres is ussually the minimum acres needed to make a timber sale.

Are there any programs out there that help with the cost of replanting your land?

There are both state and federal cost share programs available that assist with the cost of replanting your land. Frazier Forestry LLC works with the leaders of these programs to enroll landowners and maximize cost share benefits.